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The Cochise County Connection

Poison In Bisbee?


Toxics Activist Michael Gregory Thinks The Town Should Research Alternatives To "Probably-cancer-causing" Glyphosate.

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Local Health Challenges and Strategies


CCHSS Prevention Director Gilligan talks about addressing community health priorities.

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The Debate Over Glyphosate In Bisbee


Weeds threaten the streets of Bisbee and they need to be eradicated soon, but how? Bisbee has avoided using herbicides for decades. Is that about to end?

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He Fixed Bisbee's Pool. He'd Like To Fix Mexico.


Chuck Alton's interview with Peter Von Gundlach.

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High Hopes For SonoraFest In Bisbee


Memorial Weekend In Bisbee Could See 10,000 Visitors. City hopes to jump start economical development plans which include Mexico.

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Should City of Bisbee Sell Its Effluent To Help Recharge The San Pedro River?


Hear questions raised at Saturday's Mule Mountain Democratic Club and answers and background from Water Litigator Tricia Gerrodette.

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Arizonan Jeff JeansTells Locals Obamacare Saved His Life


Jeff jeans of Sedona, AZ had no insurance when he was diagnosed with stage 3-4 throat cancer. Jeans tells a packed house in Sierra Vista Vista that Obamacare needs to be fixed, not scrapped. KCTRnews.com was unhand to bring you this emotional true story.

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"Getting Poetry In Bisbee"


Ken Bow, Dick Bakken, Michael Gregory Celebrate Poetry

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McSally Won't Stop Govt Shutdown


Local Economy Stabilizing, SV West End Revitalizing, Bisbee's Bread Baker Teacher, and Will Jeff Harris Go To Jail?

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How to Bake Bread 


Learn how to Bake Bread with Donna

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