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Golf Cart Tours In Bisbee... We Need To Talk!


by Chuck Alton, KCTRnews.com

(BISBEE) In the short time The Bisbee Tour Company has operated here the company has grown from 1 golf cart to 5, has hosted thousands of tourists and locals on one or more of its 6 tour choices, hired a number of locals, and is about to vacate its modest headquarters on Bisbee’s large parking lot at the entrance to “Brewery Gulch” and graduate (appropriately) into the historic original City Hall/Sheriff’s Office building on Naco Road right across the street. Many will tell you that Russell’s golf cart tours are great for tourism and therefore good for business and Bisbee.

But more than a few will not tell you that, or anything close. On occasion the slow-moving touring carts with 2-6 tourists on board have been sprayed with water, had things thrown at them, been flipped off by passing motorists, yelled at, flashed, been the target of at least one posted sign discouraging their existence, and resulted in countless calls to BPD, the Mayor, the ward’s two City Council members, and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) where “livery” businesses are regulated by the State.

So any conversation about one of Bisbee’s most up-and-coming businesses, the Bisbee Tour Company, is a mixed bag of delight with a measure of dread. While it certainly seems that there is more good feeling about the tours than not both on the street and especially amongst its customers and employees (several of whom I’ve spoken and shared a cart with), it doesn’t take too many residents who are deeply concerned about “our privacy and safety” to cast a pall over the community’s discussion of Bisbee’s enterprising golf cart tours.

For that reason, I asked David Russell to agree to an independent and objective news story to include joining me in our “C Street Studios” to sit down and talk all about it… the good, the bad, and the ugly. We took our time to allow us to cover all the bases. I have requested that a representative of the neighborhood on High Road where reaction is mixed but quite outspoken by its opponents to speak with me on the record, but so far the only opposing input I've seen from that community has been posts on local Facebook social media. Some of those comments are included in the interview.

The David Russel Interview: “Golf Cart Tours In Bisbee… We Need To Talk!" Hear it now exclusively at...


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