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ALTON ON THE PHONE with Blogger David Morgan


When David Morgan arrived on the scene in 2005 he set up a news stand in Sierra Vista and used an A-frame sign to attract attention. About that same time Morgan made a voluminous records request of the SVPD which resulted in the City retaliating, he presumes, making him take his sign down, even though he produced a composite photo of A-frame signs in use all around the town. “They’ve used various tactics over the years, cities and the County, to slow me down in my pursuit of local information. They’ve tried to stop me, too.”


Morgan talks about the dearth of local media in Cochise County resulting in a public unaware of what’s happening, and clearing the way for a system that doesn’t work the way it should, his definition of corruption, which he says there is plenty of here.


Recently a 3 judge appeals court panel upheld Morgan’s first amendment right to publish a normally protected word-for-word transcript of a grand jury first degree murder hearing. The county attorney sued Morgan to take the documents down from his Facebook page read by more than 10,000 people, even though the County Attorney knew the documents had already gone public. The County lost in both courts.

This seemed like a good time to talk on the record with this affable, stubbornly dedicated blogger with a definite mission, to shed light on the cops and the courts, whatever that takes. To illustrate, Morgan, pictured at center, is joined by like-minded activists.

The David Morgan Interview premieres a new pod series “Alton On The Phone” at www.kctrnews.com

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