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Arizonan Jeff JeansTells Locals Obamacare Saved His Life


With a theme that “Obamacare Saves Lives”, it was beyond interesting that the Mona Bishop room in Sierra Vista, a politically conservative stronghold, was packed to standing room only for a politically progressive town meeting.

Perhaps most telling was when a member of the audience asked speaker Andy Slavitt, a former Medicare/Obamacare Administrator during the Obama presidency, if it was time to consider single-payer health care, or what is commonly referred to as “Medicare for all”. The crowd of over 100 broke into a roar of approval.

Before speaker Slavitt, cancer survivor Jeff Jeans, a Sedona, AZ resident seen frequently on cable news outlets, told his story. He said when he was diagnosed with stage 3-4 vocal cord cancer he had no insurance and was given just 6 weeks to live without treatment. He offered to pay cash for his treatment but was refused. Without an insurance card all that could be done was to comfort him until he died!

In the nick off time Jeans learned Obamacare would issue him the life saving card despite his condition. His story, which brought the middle-aged man to tears several times, was told in a barely audible voice. His was a humbling experience, which now is told in his words, unedited on www.kctrnews.com, as recorded on Friday, May 12, 2017 at the Sierra Vista library.

Slavitt’s address predicting what the vote by republican representative to repeal Obamacare will result in if not stopped.

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(Photo by CAlton: (l) Jeff Jeans with half a voice tells his story to a standing room only packed house, (r) the backside of cancer survivor Jean’s t-shirt.)

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