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EMILIE VARDAMAN - She Started The Bisbee Food CO-OP and It Was Real


Chuck Alton with Emilie Vardaman


Near tears, 43 year off-and-mostly on resident of Bisbee, Emilie Vardaman remembers starting the Bisbee Food Co-Op as one of the first things she did upon adopting Bisbee as her home. The retired school teacher turned progressive activist, filled with emotion, talked this morning about how she took a thousand dollars she inherited from her grandmother,(“flour was 8 cents a pound”),started a small health food store that eventually became the "Bisbee Food Co-Op, ran it for a while, then sold it for what she had in it to the “people of Bisbee”. 

Today’s Bisbee Food “Co-Op”, what is left of it with it’s 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt to food suppliers, refrigeration repair contractors, back taxes, and at least one person to the tune of $40,000, is a Co-Op in name only. 

 (Photo by CAlton) Bisbee’s own Emilie Vardaman this morning in KCTR’s C Street Studio. She has filled 55 gallon drums with water in the Sonoran desert, both sides of the border. “Some of the barrels in Mexico would run dry in 2-3 days. Some on the U.S. side of the border were shot full of holes!”

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